Erica Zabowski

Erica Zabowski began playing violin at age 13 in the inaugural year of the first public school string program in rural Northwest New Jersey. Wanting to learn as much as possible from experience, she joined numerous community orchestras, chamber groups, and theatre pit orchestras. When she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in screenwriting from the University of Southern California, she joined the USC Community Orchestra. Erica joined PCO in fall 2002 and has only missed performing in one concert since then. She is the violinist in the string trio Bach to Beethoven Band. Also the arranger for the group, she has focused on uncovering the work of obscure female and American classical composers, as well as challenging herself to arrange symphonies, choral masses, and overtures for three musicians.

Erica is working on publishing this music and also arranges pop songs for classical instruments for weddings. In summer 2012, she completed her first original score for the 1930s-style short film The Hindenburglar and oversaw the score recording by a 20-person orchestra, which included members of PCO. She plans to continue composing, particularly for a movie musical that she is writing and a classical-style comedic opera. When not doing any of these things or working full-time, Erica has been making slow progress on two novels: a science fiction comedy and a history of the Western World as experienced by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as a vampire.