Emily Creecy

Emily Creecy is a California native, born and raised in Monterey, CA. There she began her musical studies at the age of 8 beginning with the trumpet. At age 10 she began her violin studies and would spend the next 15 years mastering her instrument. She has studied under Rosemarie and Owen Dunsford of the Monterey County Symphony Orchestra, and Michael Ferril, a studio musician and faculty member at California State University, Northridge.

Emily has dedicated a large part of her life to performing orchestral works with Youth Music Monterey under Maestro John Larry Granger, CODA All-State Symphony Orchestra, and the California State University Northridge Symphony under Maestro John Roscigno, to name a few. She is excited to add the Pasadena Community Orchestra to this extensive list as of August 2012!

Emily began her University studies at Cal State Northridge as a Music Therapy major, but later chose to switch, earning her B.A. in Women’s Studies with an emphasis in Social Work in December 2011. She spends time volunteering with the homeless through the Ocean Park Community Centre in Santa Monica in hopes of turning her work into a full time career in mental health. Until then, she works as a plus-sized print model and is a contestant for the 2012 Project Venus plus-size beauty pageant.

In her spare time Emily loves to cook (especially Indian food!), frequents musical and cultural events of all types, enjoys studying as an amateur astronomer, and spends her time relaxing by tending to the underwater garden in her 20 gallon tropical fish tank.