Carol Bruegge

Carol Bruegge was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. Her interest in music began at 5 years of age, when she begged her parents for piano lessons. As a youth she worked with Robert Harvey, a piano recording artist and graduate of Juilliard School of Music. Mr. Harvey arranged many classic concertos for her, such as the Grigg Concerto, and published them under a “For Small Hands” collection. In her teenage years Carol was the pianist for the San Dieguito High School choir and played clarinet in the high school band. As an adult she participated in anything musical, including playing piano and organ for her church, and singing in her church choir. She also studied flute for a time, then began violin study in 2004. For the latter, she has to thank Lois Johnson (Manhattan School of Music) and Stacy Wetzel Juilliard/ LA Philharmonic) for their ongoing instruction, mentoring, and friendship.

Carol is one of the newest members of the Pasadena Community Orchestra, playing in the Violin II section. She is very excited to make this orchestra the focus of her musical world. Carol met her husband, Tom, in graduate school, University of Arizona, Tucson. Together than earned PhD’s in Optical Engineering, and have raised 2 boys, now attending Stanford Graduate School and Fordham University, respectively. Carol is employed by NASA/ Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where she has worked on earth observing missions to study particulates and gases in the atmosphere, supporting research that will improve the science of climate change.